Innovations: Smart Motorcycle Helmet

This type of motorcycle helmet apparently has the normal external appearance of a helmet. Yet, the big difference is that it uses its technology, it incorporates a small front screen with HUD (Head Up Display) technology designed and developed by

The motorcycle HUD allows us to see the necessary information on a transparent screen without having to change our point of view. It is undoubtedly the most outstanding feature and we can see that it is a totally intelligent helmet.

Characteristics of a smart motorcycle helmet are the followings:

    • Lightweight, aerodynamic shell.
    • 3D laser cut foam for a perfect fit.
  • Fully adjustable ventilation.
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-glare face shield.
  • Quick release strap.
  • Heads Up Display by voice control.
  • Integrated motorcycle GPS
  • 180 degree wide angle rear view camera.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Internet connectivity through smartphones.
  • Available in sizes from S to XXL and two colors white or black.
  • Autonomy of 9 hours (recharges by compatible micro USB drive).
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS systems.

Motorcycle Helmet Safety

In terms of safety, the helmet comes equipped with the best protection systems and certifications. It is made of aerodynamic polycarbonate and can withstand without any problem or damage its internal circuits in the worst conditions. Its visor is anti-fog and has an anti-scratch treatment as well.

Technical Characteristics of the Smart Motorcycle Helmet

180 degree rear camera: It allows us to see on our screen a 180-degree view of what is happening behind us as if it were a rear-view mirror and it also allows us to see to the sides, thereby eliminating the blind spot generated by the helmet itself.

Motorcycle Head up display: This screen, as we have commented, allows us to view all the data without having to take our point of view from the road. The motorcycle helmet has a location device, with which the screen will show GPS navigation data and in turn a voice It indicates the maneuvers to be carried out during the journey. It also provides us with real-time weather information and telemetry of the motorcycle with data such as speed.

Another strong point of smart helmets is that we can also make, receive and reject calls. All will be done by voice commands thanks to a voice recognition technology that is built-in very similar to Siri (Apple technology). We are also able to send messages, control our music and change routes with hands totally free and keeping the focus on the road. We can achieve all this with the synchronization of our Smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a system for the complete update of the device.