Finding a gaming monitor in budget: Top tips!

Buying your first gaming monitor can be overwhelming. There are so many brands, models, and options, and it makes sense to do some initial research. Your budget also plays a dominant role in what you can eventually afford. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to buy a 4k gaming monitor in budget.  

  1. Start with resolution. If you don’t know the technical aspects, just know that a 4k monitor is better than a Full-HD one, and it is the standard right now. A lot of buyers are interested in 8k gaming monitors, but these tend to be more expensive and may not suite smaller budgets of $500. 
  2. Refresh rate is important. The refresh rate refers to the number of times the image on screen is refreshed per second. This is measured in hertz, and at the least, you need a refresh rate of 60 Hz for a standard gaming experience. What also matters is the response time, which shouldn’t be more than 3ms. 
  3. Don’t go for a huge size. When it comes to gaming monitors, keep in mind that you would want to have complete check on the screen from a closer point. In other words, don’t assume that bigger is better. The standard gaming monitor should be less than 30-inch. 
  4. Panel tech is important, but don’t fuss over this. If you don’t want to be bothered about panel tech, just go ahead with an IPS panel, which is known for its color reproduction and good refresh rates. TN panels are also used extensively by gamers. 
  5. Adaptive Sync does matter. Both AMD and NVIDIA have adaptive sync. For the unversed, AMD offers FreeSync, while NVIDIA has G-Sync. Adaptive sync means variable refresh rate, but the hardware has to complement the same. 

Other things to know

If you are new to gaming monitors, always go for a budget one to know if the whole setup is useful for you in the long run. Your budget is an important factor, and we would recommend that you don’t spend beyond $500 for the first gaming monitor. Once you like the experience and have the budget, buy something like a bigger curved monitor. Online stores have some really good gaming monitors on offer, so don’t forget to check for options, and you don’t have to be very specific with the brand, as long as the size and specs are right.