Productivity 2021 Boosting from Remote Employee’s POV

Covid-19 had compelled businesses across the globe to request their employees to work from home. It also included those who were not logically or mentally prepared to perform remote work. The sudden global shutdown gave rise to numerous problems. In general, people were more accustomed to working from their office environment. Hence new challenges arose during the quarantine period.

  • Some people simply could not focus on their work. For them, their home was just a place to relax.
  • Others were distracted constantly by visiting relatives, neighbours, pets and other elements.
  • There were a few who considered being an opportunity to be away from the prying eyes of the management, thus giving birth to prostration.

Thus, in recent times, productivity took a hit, thus compelling businesses to come up with adequate measures. What was once termed as luxurious resources to monitor remote employees is currently viewed as specialised tools like Kickidler.

Although employers are benefitted by implementing the advanced monitoring tools, what about the average employee?

Employee’s POV on time-tracking systems

It will be valuable to know their opinions and outcome from the installation of monitoring tools such as Kickidler in their remote desktop or laptop.

Day 0

The first day when the remote tool was installed on the employee’s desktop, it was either viewed as invasion of the person’s privacy or an exciting experience. The program is designed to evaluate the productive quotient of the employee. It also tags the sites and apps visited. This means greater control on the employer part.

Day 1

Generally, the day starts by checking the email Inbox and later the latest news. News sites are considered to be unproductive. But it is quite natural to get distracted a bit. Doing so, the program gives out a warning. Although it is found to be a bit annoying, the warning can be tolerated easily when compared to listening to the boss. There is also no chance of doing anything personal like chats, etc. Productivity becomes 52%.

Day 2

Not getting distracted throughout the day was the tough part of working from home and requires some determination. Productivity is about 54%.

Day 3

Since the management demands greater efficiency, there is pressure upon the employee to do better. Some offline tasks might appear to be irritating. Negotiation with clients and vendors has to be crisp and short to meet software program productivity demands. Productivity jumps to 62%.

Day 4

It is all about focusing on work, holding conferences through meeting apps.

Day 5

With several calls and work to be done simultaneously, focusing on work can become a troublesome task. The manager or supervisor sent messages as the employee got distracted or inactive for some time. Productivity reaches 72%.

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