5 Common Laptop Problems and How to get them Repaired

You care for your laptop more than anything else but it can still become problematic due to several reasons. Many users think that these problems can be resolved without experts’ advice and help. The main reason why they think so is that they don’t want to invest any penny in laptop repair service. However, the reality is that laptop repair at home isn’t expensive at all.  In this article, we will tell you about the 5 common laptop problems and how to get them repaired.

  1. Battery Drainage

Over a period, the laptop’s lithium-ion batteries become incompetent and find it hard to hold a charge. Sometimes, the battery drainage problem becomes so severe that the charger needs to be plugged in throughout the use. Mostly, such a problem needs a battery replacement by a laptop repair professional.

  1. Virus

Nothing can affect the user experience as well as the laptop’s performance more than viruses. In this case, only anti-virus software can provide your device with some level of security. But, the premium anti-virus programs are costly and you might be unwilling to spend so much. Therefore, hiring a certified company for laptop repair service will be the best choice as they already own the paid antivirus programs. They can do an effective scan of your device and eliminate any harmful viruses from it.

  1. Overheating

Overheating is another common problem of laptops that can steal their power and make them incompetent over time. The ventilation issues and dust buildup on fans and vents can cause this problem. It is a good thing that this problem is easily repairable. The laptop service techs will clean the clogged components and improve the ventilation of the device so it can maintain a cool temperature at regular intervals.

  1. Blank Screen

Blank screen problems are also very common in laptops. It can be due to battery, memory, motherboard, or hard drive problems. The laptop repair at home experts can only catch the prime culprit for a blank screen. So, let them check the screen and repair it.

  1. Laptop Freezing

The freezing of laptops is another problem that creates frustration among the users. It can happen due to overstuffed HDD, malware, or heavy programs. The laptop repair professionals will check the laptop and resolve the problem.


These are a few general issues with laptops along with their repairing solutions. The best way to get them repaired is to hire the techs for laptop repair at home.