Your easy guide for comparing monitor mounts

If your work demands you to shift between screens, or use more than one monitor at a time, you should consider getting a monitor mount. There are all sorts of mounts in the market – from the standard freestanding designs, to ones that are clamped on the desk. There are also PrimeCables monitor wall mounts, which can be mounted on the wall. In this post, we are discussing more on benefits monitor mounts and how to pick one. 

“Do I really need a monitor mount?”

That’s often a question that many professionals ask. A monitor mount basically allows you to shift the monitor off the desk, so you can get more space to work, and can also adjust the distance of the screen from your eyes. Using a monitor mount will also reduce strain on your eyes and neck, and you will notice a change in productivity too. 

Are wall mounts better for monitors?

This is a subjective question, depending on the size and placement of your desk, size of your monitor, and space available on the wall. If you want more desk space and want to use the wall area in an efficient manner, you can consider a wall mount over a clamp or freestanding one. 

Things that matter

Selecting a monitor mount would be much easier, if you check for the right details- 

  1. Firstly, decide on the number of screens you need to use, and based on that, you can choose whether you need two or three-monitor mount. 
  2. Secondly, go for a monitor mount that can withstand the weight of your monitor and is VESA compatible. This will ensure installation within minutes, without any additional concerns. 
  3. Check for adjustments too. Some monitor mounts, especially the ones mounted on walls, have free movement, so you can adjust the screen as needed. This is particularly useful when you want to switch between positions and viewing angles. 

Finally, do check the cost of the mount. Most monitor mounts that are meant for one screen are relatively cheap, and you can get wall-mounted variants for as low as $25 or less. Just make sure that the product is easy to install, and with mounts, expect a decent warranty. Flimsy products may cost less, but you wouldn’t want to risk your work and expensive monitor for a few dollars. 

For the best deals and discounts, check online stores that have amazing range of monitor mounts.