What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert (called an “SEO expert”) is someone who optimizes a website to get high search engine rankings.

An SEO 專家 is someone who knows how to get more search engine traffic.

What skills do SEO professionals need to know?

SEO doesn’t just optimize your website’s meta tags.

The best SEO 專家 are experts in different areas of digital marketing. It includes “basic” SEO techniques (optimization of title tags, etc.). However, other digital marketing techniques such as writing and the website design are also included.

Thus, the main skills that SEO professionals must have are:

  1. Many low competitiveness keywords can be found
  2. Basic understanding of HTML
  3. How and where to add keywords to your page
  4. Intermediate and advanced writing skills
  5. Familiar with visual content such as videos and infographics
  6. Link ads to important pages and can be set
  7. To understand how technical SEO affects rankings
  8. To understand new SEO 專家 trends and changes in Google algorithms.
  9. The rest of this guide explains each in detail. And here are some real examples of becoming an SEO expert.

Work of SEO Expert

Find and select keywords

Keyword research should be the first step in your seo 專家 campaign.

Want to choose the right keywords? You will see your website quickly reach the top of the Google home page among the keywords searched by thousands of people each month.

Content marketing

Without the content marketing part, seo 專家seo 專家 is incomplete. This is because without great content it’s almost impossible to rate in 2021 (even if your website was perfectly optimized for search engines).

If you want to see a case study of how SEO and content marketing relates, I recommend you read this case study.

to optimize your content

You can retrospectively enter keywords into your content … it will be rated. Fast forward to today and page SEO is getting more complex. Of course, you still want to include keywords on your pages. But this is only the beginning.

Technology optimization

Technical seo 專家 is one of the most underrated parts of SEO. This is important for almost all websites. However, technical optimization is especially important for large websites with thousands of pages, such as eCommerce and news.

Link building

There is no way to solve it. Link building is an important part of seo 專家. This is unlikely to change anytime soon. That’s why SEO experts (even those who specialize in SEO and tech content) need to be good at building backlinks.