The WhatsApp Archive Feature

WhatsApp continues to grow as a popular messaging platform for personal and business users. It has many useful features, such as the WhatsApp archive, especially for financial regulation compliance. If you are a business owner heavily involved in banking, read this article to know the importance of the WhatsApp archive chat function.

Archiving a Chat on WhatsApp

It is not complex to understand how to archive a chat on WhatsApp. All you have to do is tap and holda conversation, and the archive icon will appear on Android. Meanwhile, swipe left on a chat for iPhones.

You can archive individual and group chats, but you must hide the entireconversation thread. WhatsApp archiver does not allow archiving of individual messages or media files.

What Happens when you Archive a Chat

The WhatsApp archive feature temporarily hideschats from your main conversation list. If you’re worried your chats will disappear forever, don’t worry, they remain accessible and are just hidden from view. You can still receive messages, only that you won’t see them.

Archiving a chat does not notify the other person. There is no way to determine if your messages were archived, so you can keep this a secret unless you delete the conversation. Archiving also does not have any effect on your online status.

If you want to bring your chats back to the primary inbox, tap, hold, select Unarchive on Android, and swipe left for iPhone. You do not need to unarchive when deleting chats.

Note that archiving is temporary, while deleting is a permanent step, so be careful when choosing which chats to archive or delete.

Benefits of Archiving in WhatsApp

Organize your Chats

Often, you may have conversations in WhatsApp that are not a priority. Archiving is an excellent decluttering solution if you wish to hide chats you do not want to see for the moment.

Silence Notifications

Tired of active group chats bombarding you with notifications? Keep them in the archive,so you do not have to delete or leave the conversation. Archiving allows you to check back anytime or continue ignoring.

Keep Chats Private

For business owners, often you might have conversations containing sensitive information about the company or your customers. The risk of someone nosing in those chats is present, and information might leak without you realizing it. Archiving allows you to keep these chats safe and hidden from prying eyes if you need to lend your phone.

Remain Compliant

Like keeping chats private, utilizing WhatsApp archiving helps your business comply with regulatory bodies by ensuring you maintain data protection in your messaging platforms. 

Strengthen your WhatsApp Archiving

Business owners should take the necessary steps to secure customer and business information. We recommend partnering with third-party archiving solutions providers for maximum security and compliance. Get in touch with LeapXpert to learn more.