Upcoming iPhone 2018: Latest iPhone XS, iPhone XPlus and iPhone XR

Which are the best Upcoming iPhone 2018

If you are an iPhone lover or one of them who are willing to buy a new iPhone then you’re in right place, because today we’re gonna talk about the new upcoming iPhone 2018. Officially there are no any announcements or release updates from Apple but there’s some leaked info related to these new upcoming iPhones 2018.

According to some reports, Apple will be going to launch three new iPhones. Two of them are upgraded version of iPhone X with a new S series and the third one is a budget price iPhone.

Yes, you’re right Apple is going to launch a new iPhone with affordable price.

Here affordable doesn’t mean very cheap price but it will be cheaper than the current generation iPhones.

The naming strategy for the second-generation of iPhone XS :

  1. iPhone Xs (5.8″) OLED
  2. Xs Plus (6.5″) OLED
  3. iPhone 9 (6.1″) OLED

Since there is no official clue so we can’t assume the naming strategy should be true, it may differ. Apple designed these new upcoming iPhone 2018 to improve the quality and performance of old iPhones so, we can expect much more improvement in features rather than new designs.

The phones will also get an L-shaped battery with a long-lasting battery life.

All the three upcoming iPhone 2018 are going to come with an edge to edge display with very small bezels than the current iPhone models.

New upcoming iPhone will come with an A12 processor which will much efficient and faster than older version A11 and give a better performance in terms of battery life, graphics quality and processing time.

Before we go further let’s take a little glance at the upgrade features in the new upcoming iPhone 2018 will have :

  • New color choices
  • New faster GPU
  • Faster Face ID feature
  • A12 Bionic Chip
  • Gigabit Class LTE
  • Battery 2658 mAh

The iPhone X and iPhone Xs both will be a feature with an expensive and colorful OLED display panels with different screen sizes. The iPhone Xs will be got a 5.8-inch display and iPhone Xs plus have 6.5″ (16.51 cm) inches large display.

If we talk about their features both S series iPhones are going to come with nearly the same features, there may be a small difference. If we talk about their price, the iPhone Xs price will start at $999 and the iPhone Xs plus will start at around $900.

The third, low price iPhone will have a 6.1 inches LCD display which will start at a price of around $600. It will get the same A12 processor of Apples more expensive iPhones but it will get low storage, less RAM, a single camera of 12-megapixel, an LCD display which may not support 3-D touch, a lower screen resolution and a small battery.

This iPhone will not get the stainless steel frame like other models instead it will have an aluminum frame.

All In-Depth Details About The New S Series Upcoming iPhone 2018

The new thing is that both the new upcoming iPhone 2018 S series models will also come in new different colors which are space gray, silver and gold. Both iPhone XS and iPhone XPlus will get some improvements in performance and also got some extra features as well.

In terms of design both the models will expect to come with a similar look as iPhone X, also both will have many similar functionalities.

They both have a 12-megapixel dual-lens camera similar to iPhone X, have a strong stainless steel frame, faster Intel LTE modems with 4×4 MIMO, 4GB RAM, 2 GHz processor and comes with 3 different storage capacity 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage.

The New iPhone Xs :

Upcoming iPhone 2018

According to reports, the iPhone Xs will have the same dimensions as of current iPhone X which is :

  • 2436 × 1125  resolution
  • 3D Touch
  • Tap to wake
  • 120Hz touch layer
  • True Tone
  • Wide Colour
  • 625 units max. brightness


User’s who want a dual-SIM phone, Apple is, at last, offering an eSIM alongside the physical SIM tray. This is a new technology for iPhone, but eSIMs have been in Apple Watch and iPad for some time.

The model iPhone Xs is going to be an incremental update of the iPhone X. Since it is an incremental update of iPhone X so, like iPhone X, the whole design and size of the device will remain same.

Like iPhone X it will get the same 5.8 inches OLED display with very small bezels.


If we talk about cameras, what’s new and unique in this model then we can see that the main camera on iPhone XS has a bigger and covers wider angles and picture quality is also great in this range.

In this model, you’ll find some extra inter frames on smart HDR cameras. They’ve used 9 intel frames rather than 4 in iPhone XS. The extra intel frames definitely deliver better HDR pictures and videos.


According to TENAA, the iPhone XS has a 2658 mAh battery, a small downgrade from the iPhone X’s 2716 mAh battery. Considering that the iPhone X was criticized for its mediocre battery life last year, this could be a sticking point for the XS.

Apple’s new iPhones are here, and while the iPhone XS improves on the iPhone X in many ways but there’s one area where the XS falls behind: battery capacity. That could be troublesome for the iPhone XS; its battery is a bit smaller than the iPhone X’s, a device that struggled with battery life.


It comes with a new Bionic A12 processor which similar to A11 with a six-core CUP and a quad-core GPU. Still, It is first in class using a 7nm process that makes this model a much faster than A11.

Apple announced that the neural engine is an octa-core chip that delivers much faster-processing speed and can run 5 trillion operations per seconds. In simple word, we can say that apps launch 30% faster in new upcoming iPhone 2018.

The FaceID is also responded very quickly and it runs on a faster version of the secure enclave.


As per apple announced, The new iPhone XS remain the same screen resolution as the previous model. 

It comes with same 5.8 inches wider screen but an upgrade of contrast. The new iPhone XS deliver 1,000,000:1, contrast which is 60% higher than previous iPhone models.

In order to maintain the same 458 PPI pixel density as the iPhone XS, the resolution is higher at 2436×1125 pixels and iPhone XMax has 2688×1242.

This new upcoming iPhone 2018 will feature with an edge to edge display and a front-facing dual lens camera which will also support the Face ID. In new upcoming iPhone 2018, Apple will replace the Touch ID biometric security feature with the Face ID and if we talk about improvements

There’s a more accurate and faster Face ID which is more efficient than the iPhone X model.

This new upcoming iPhone gonna have a good battery backup with 2800mAh battery and if we talk about the price tag, this model may start at around $800 or above.

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The Latest iPhone Xs Plus :

Upcoming iPhone 2018

According to some leaks, the iPhone Xs plus will measure in at :

  • 41mm wide,
  • 53mm tall,
  • 68mm thick and,
  • 1242 x 2688 resolution
  • Battery 3179 mAh

Since we know that a larger phone also means a larger battery, 6.5-inch model gonna have a large battery around 3179 mAh which will give much more battery life around 25% than the 5.8-inch model which have a battery around 2658 mAh.

Now, the iPhone Xs plus model is going to have a massive 6.5 inch OLED display for extremely bright vibrant colors and deep blacks are gonna be a fantastic display. This is extremely incredibly exciting, mainly for those who like the bigger screen on a small phone, for streaming games or other media platforms.

It’s additionally probable that this plus model will arrange dual sync capabilities, and it would be the first iPhone with dual sync capabilities. This is amazing that we’ve not seen from Apple before.

So pretty much just a larger version of the existing iPhone, and this is rumored to be around the $1000 mark.

Now based on previous Apple devices, the plus model is usually around $100 more compared to the regular version.

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Upcoming iPhone XR: All You Need to Know

upcoming iPhone 2018


Then we have the third iPhone which may be called the iPhone XR. It is going to coming with a lower price tag which is affordable compared than the other products of Apple. Therefore this would make it the budget iPhone option with a cost of around $700.

However, because of it’s cheaper price than other iPhones, Apple is not going to give you some extra new features which are very expensive in price.

Therefore to reduce its price tag they will not include some features which may be very expensive like the OLED display, 3-D touch technology, and space saving technology.

But after all of that Apple will make this product as much likely to others even it’s a budget iPhone. As we already mentioned the names has not been confirmed, but it is potentially the most interesting new iPhone. Let’s talk about some features or all you should know about the new 2018 iPhone 9.

Features of new Upcoming iPhone XR:

Since it is a budget iPhone so it’s not going to have an OLED display. It has an LCD display with some upgraded display technology which will make it nearly same as OLED display. It is 6.1 inches (15.49 cm) in size and featured with a screen resolution of 1792 × 828. with 324 PPI.

This model also will feature with an edge to edge display design. One more amazing thing about the iPhone XR is that it going to have much smaller bezels compared to current models like the iPhone 8 or 8 plus.

In addition to that, it also going to feature with Dual-SIM functionality with better and fast LTE in performance, which would allow you to use two SIM (GSM+GSM) cards at the same time with two different sim slot (nano+esim). It comes with the latest iOS v12.0 and runs on Hexacore processor. This may be restricted in some countries.

There is some good news, that is this budget iPhone is going to launch with five different colors which include white, red, grey, coral, blue and orange as well.

These color may look like the budget iPhone 5C which was launched a few years ago with all of those color options, and it looks like Apple is bringing that back here for the iPhone XR.

This iPhone will be coming with a single lens rear camera of 12MP (back camera with 5x digital zoom, 7MP front camera) and it also got a Face ID feature like the iPhone X, but there will no changes in that feature. Unlike other iPhones, it will have the aluminum frame.

One more really amazing thing about this iPhone is that its gonna have improved GPU which may be potentially increased in performance around 30-40 percent.

It also will give a great experience of games like fortnight with an increased frame rate. Its probably gonna have 3GB RAM and will have a maximum storage of up to 256 GB

Processor: A 12 Bionic processor

Battery: 2942 mAh, Li-ion

Ram: 3 GM

Video Resolution: 1920×1080 @30fps

Image Resolution: 4000 x 3000 Pixels

Storage: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

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Launch Dates and Details:

According to some renders, Apple may announce some release or updates related to new upcoming iPhone 2018 in the month of September. The sale for upcoming S series of iPhone may start as soon they announce.

But the sale for the budget iPhone will start between the month of October or maybe delay because of some production problems in the budget model.

Some render also predict that after releasing of the new models Apple planning to stop selling the current iPhone X model because after launching the upcoming new iPhone models It also comes with some charging issue,

Therefore, Apple should have to reduce the price for model iPhone X, which will make any sense.

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